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Things You Should Know About Investing

Investing your money can be one way to help you increase your income over a short- or long-term period, but you must be careful and understand the risks.

• Investing will always be a gamble. There are always going to be risks
• Investing in the stock market is basically buying a tiny part of a company that will hopefully profit and you can sell for more later
• There is no guarantee you will make money, you could potentially lose it
• If you want a bigger return, you often have to take bigger risk
• Do not put all the money you want to invest, into one place, try a bit of diversity
• Only invest what you can afford to lose
• It is recommended to invest for at least five years
• Keep track of what is doing well and what isn’t, over time so you can get rid of what is not serving you
• Be aware there will be ups and downs and do not make rash decisions

Investing can be a very good thing, but you cannot be too hasty and need to go for the long game, in most cases.