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Saving money in 2021

We all need to save money for that rainy day, but here are a couple of tips that you may have overlooked.

Cancel automatic subscription accounts
We all have monthly subscriptions to various things in the digital age, but do you really need them?  Evaluate what you are subscribed to and remove the redundant ones. You will be surprised what you save.

Try a shopping savings extension/app
If you shop online a lot, why not download a savings app like Honey.  They search the internet for codes people have used on their shopping to see if it applies to yours. It’s a quick and easy way of saving money on things you already buy.

Do you watch all those channels?
If you have something like Sky, chances are you are paying for channels you don’t watch.  Maybe the kids have grown up, but you still pay for the kid’s channels.  Not interested in the sport. Check you are not paying for those channels.  This can save you a lot of money.