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Payday Problems for HSBC Customers

Thousands of people with HSBC accounts have not been paid ahead of the bank holiday weekend due to a technical glitch. Around 275,000 payments to HSBC business customers have been affected. The bank are still investigating, though it is thought that the issue is linked to the national Bacs system. This means that other banks may also be affected, though it looks at the moment to be limited to HSBC.

Customers began to notice problems earlier this morning when payments failed to be made into their accounts. Numerous customers have reported struggling to get through to HSBC to ask for further advice, and many have been using social media to notify the bank of their difficulties. HSBC were originally not aware of the issue when customers began reporting problems at around 7.30 this morning.

These payment problems follow issues experienced by RBS earlier this year, when 600,000 of their payments failed.