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Money saving made simple

There can be many reasons behind needing to save up money, should that be a big travelling adventure, a deposit for a new home, a family holiday or simply just to build up savings. It can be easy to say you want to start saving, it’s putting that into action which can make it more difficult.

There are a few tips that may help you start off the savings process:

– Plan your incoming and outgoings- Writing down exactly what you earn and spend each month will help give you an idea of where you are spending money, and areas in which you can save money. Providing yourself with a visual list can help you make wise choices in where to cut back each month.

– Get a money management App for your phone- There really are Apps for almost everything these days, and that includes a savings/ money management App. By putting all of your income and outgoings into your phone, the App can help guide you through your weekly, monthly and yearly spending’s. Many of the Apps also offer tips on saving and cutting back on particular expenses.