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Let’s start budgeting for summer holidays

The summer holidays can seriously dent your wallet, especially if you have not prepared properly. Even trips to certain parts of the UK can cost a great deal for families, so wherever you’re heading on your summer vacation this year it’s important to get your finances in check now, so it doesn’t hit you as hard in a few month’s time. So what’s the best way to budget for a summer holiday?


You should check out the going rates now so you have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to booking your trip. Or better yet, book it now and get the cheapest rates. The prices often pick up the later you leave it.


You should make a plan of action or a schedule that tells you how much you need to save each week. You can then tick it off when you’ve met the target. This is a nice and simple way to keep track of the incomings and outgoings.