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Freelancing – The financial difficulties

No matter how skilled you are, you have to be good at business to make it work. You could be the best copywriter, web designer or photographer in the country, but if you can’t pick up the clients or sell your services at the right price, then you’re going to struggle.

There are often sudden dips in earnings for freelancers, but the more clients you pick up, the more security you gain. You can, however, charge clients a retention fee. This basically means that they can call on you at any time, and you will be ready to provide the service. They’re essentially ‘retaining your services’. This is something you should look into if you manage to find a good number of interested clients.

Remember a good service goes a long way, and most freelancers build their career on recommendations. You should never quit a full time job until you’ve built up your freelancing side business, because it can take months to get the business going. Make sure you’ve thought about your prices before you decide to go solo.